Our Brio training level program provides a foundation for choral and vocal instruction for boys and girls ages 7-9.  Children receive an introduction to basic choral singing and perform three times a year at formal concerts.  We try to provide at least one additional casual performing opportunity for this group.  Jennifer Hanson is the director of Brio. This program is offered at both our Shoreline and Marysville rehearsal locations.


This program takes the foundations laid in the Brio program to a higher level, providing boys and girls approximately 9-12 with more vocal training, some basic music theory and further introduction to part-singing.  This group will perform three times each year at our formal concerts, as well as at least one additional performing opportunity.  They usually also enjoy a one-day weekend retreat for more in-depth choral training.  In addition, we try to offer a short festival opportunity if an excellent event comes our way.  Directing this level is Kris Mason. This program is offered at both our Shoreline and Marysville rehearsal sites.


Arioso our premier treble choir for girls and boys (with unchanged voices), ages 11-18.  This program provides an advanced level of instruction for choristers graduating from Intermezzo.  They perform at all formal concerts and also at a number of community events and performing opportunities.  This is also the main touring group in our program.  Choristers attend a full weekend retreat in the fall and a one day retreat in mid-winter to further develop their vocal skills.  Kris Mason is director of Arioso. This program is only available at our Shoreline rehearsal site.



This program provides young male voices an opportunity to perform in a mixed voice SATB group with our advanced young women singers.  This ensemble will provide an excellent transitional opportunity for advanced choristers who are considering continuing with their vocal talents into the college level.  Singers are allowed to continue in this program through age 20.  High school girls are also required to be a part of Arioso and high school boys are required to be part of Coro Vivo.  This program is directed by John Hendrix and is available only at our Shoreline rehearsal site.


Coro Vivo

SCC’s young men’s choir which provides advanced vocal training and performance opportunities designed for changed and changing male voices.  The young men in this program are provided with specialized instruction designed for the maturing male voice.  Coro Vivo is directed by John Hendrix and is only offered at our Shoreline rehearsal site.

Poco a Poco

Our newest non-auditioned pre-choir program for children aged 3-6! Poco a Poco is a fun and interactive introduction to music-making.  Children will learn beginning music appreciation through rhythm, movement, musical play, and fun.  Poco a Poco is under the direction of Becca Kreutz and is offered at both Shoreline and Marysville locations.

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