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Tour With SCC - South Africa

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July 11th-July 23rd

Arioso performance in Italy.  

Arioso performance in Italy.  



Dear SCC Families:

SCC has been committed to providing touring opportunities for our choristers since 1990. At the conclusion of our first season we put 35 kids on a Laidlaw bus and traveled to our very first choral festival, the Golden Gate International Children’s Choir Festival. We were an inexperienced yet eager young choir. We were enchanted with the world-class youth choirs and the opportunity to sing under a guest conductor. We learned brand new challenging literature. We got to do some real sightseeing! We grew by leaps and bounds!

Since that first trip, SCC has provided safe, nurturing, and balanced travel experiences for hundreds of outstanding young musicians through opportunities to attend choral festivals, choir exchanges, competitions and cultural immersion programs. We’ve traveled throughout North America quite extensively. We’ve traveled to festivals and competitions in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Central Europe and Italy. We’ve experienced exotic music, culture and lifelong friendships while traveling in Brazil!

We are now ready to launch a spectacular tour that I have been dreaming about for nearly a decade! A number of years ago, an SCC chorister got to do a student exchange program in South Africa. Upon returning, she shared stories, pictures and even taught SCC music she had learned. She made me hungry for the South African culture that has been a singing culture throughout its history. She described the singing tradition of all secondary schools: students begin the day with singing—all a’cappela, singing in parts as a student body. She spoke of the beauty and energy and rhythm of the country’s choral music. She described the dancing and drumming and costumes of vivid colors. She talked about how much the people of South Africa LOVE music and how their audiences cheer and applaud and interact with performers like no other audience in the world. For ten years I have wanted SCC to experience this!

The time has come for SCC to offer this dream-come-true Concert Tour to our Choristers. We now have a beautiful Tour planned for July, 2018. We have been working with an outstanding and experienced travel company Classical Movements that does the travel planning for choirs who come to “Ihlombe!” a fabulous, joy-filled gathering of choirs from around the world. In July we will attend this Festival to join our voices with choirs from across the globe, sharing our own music, sharing our different cultures, experiencing the South African joy of learning, interacting with the outstanding drummers, dancers, conductors and feeling the embrace of our enthusiastic audiences.

This festival is quite unique because of the traveling nature of this trip! Here are just a few of the highlights that I am already thinking about, instead of sleeping at night! We start In Johannesburg, South Africa’s business capital, a very cosmopolitan, multicultural center. After one night’s rest, we transfer to Pretoria and then right on to our Game Reserve Safari! Wow! What a way to begin a choir tour! As our choristers are overcoming jet lag, they will be in wide-eyed wonder as they experience a safari….with their best friends! Can you believe it?!? They even get to stay at a real Safari Lodge! Cool! On our third day in S.A., we return to Johannesburg for our first big Ihlombe! African Workshop which will include South African choirs, drumming, dancing, singing. On the following day we will perform in our first shared concert with festival choirs, including South African choirs. Day five in Johannesburg will give SCC another opportunity to perform with choirs attending the festival. On day six, Sunday, we will be privileged to sing for Sunday Services at a township Church. That afternoon we will fly to Cape Town, our next Ilhombe! destination. Cape Town is a city with a fascinating history. On Monday, day seven, we will explore the beautiful and rugged Cape Peninsula and then hopefully give a full SCC performance to a community near Cape Town. On day eight, we will have a choral/cultural exchange that may include a school visit, an orphanage visit or similar service opportunities. We will close our day in Cape Town with another Ihlombe! concert, a gathering of international and South African Choirs! Day nine is our final day in Cape Town, our final Ilhombe! concert, our final day for sightseeing and shopping and yes, our Farewell group dinner. On day ten, prior to our flight departure, we will slip in one last morning for shopping, visiting Green Market Square for African crafts and gifts. The staff is very, very excited about this trip. We know it is a large financial undertaking for our families. For most of us, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will redefine our love for music, the people of this world and the powerful role music has throughout history. I hope and pray that you will be able to join us for this remarkable adventure! Ihlombe!