Awards for SCC choirs!
Congratulations to Arioso and Camerata for their participation in Musica Sacra a Roma.  We are pleased to announce that Arioso won the category and received a Gold award in the Sacred Division of Equal Voice Youth Choirs.  They also received a Gold award in the Gospel Spiritual category.   Camerata also won the category and received a Gold award in the Sacred Division in the Youth Mixed Voice Choirs as well as receiving a Gold award in the Gospel Spiritual category.
We are eager to welcome our choristers home on Monday!
Greetings from Rome!
Our choristers did great today!  Each time they sing they are sounding better and they appear to be singing from the heart.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch their growth.
Yesterday we walked ALL over Rome, and it is very hot! Vatican City, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, etc! Amazing and wonderful.

Aquaduct Balcony where new Pope is presented and blesses the people Bernini's bronze alter in St. Peter's It's hot! Dome of St. Peter's




Venice 3 Venice 2 Venice 1



Brief news from Italy….

The choristers are having a wonderful time! However, due to a busy schedule and spotty internet, updates may be inconsistent. Below is a photo of dinner in Venice!

Dinner in Venice














Arioso, Coro Vivo, and Camerata are preparing to embark on their tour to Italy!  They depart on June 25th and will return on July 6th.  You can view this site to see what they are up to each day of their tour!  The photos on this page are from their  Send-Off concert on June 23rd at Calvin Presbyterian Church in Shoreline. Thank you to all who attended and supported these touring choristers!


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