Tour 2018 Overview

SCC is excited to offer a wonderful tour to South Africa, the summer of 2018!

IHLOMBE! is an African word that expresses the feelings of joy and enthusiasm! The 2018 Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival aims to see choirs performing from all over the world as well as featuring their local choirs. South Africa has become favorable for tourism because of its diversity and beauty, offering safaris, a varied countryside, and big cities.  This tour opportunity, along with the Ihlombe! Festival is sure to enrich and change the lives of your choristers.  Each participant can look forward to shared concerts with other international choruses. visit historic sites that have shaped the recent history of South Africa, stay at a Game Park and go on a Safari, and be amazed by the physical beauty of the country.  Our trip and festival will be organized through Classical Movements, and we have confidence in this organization to help us plan and carry out all the details that will make this tour so memorable.

PARTICIPATING CHOIRS AND APPLICATIONS Arioso, Coro Vivo, and Camerata choristers are invited to consider participating in this tour.  Each chorister will be required to complete a Tour Application, including a Letter of Recommendation, followed by an interview with Kris, before registering for this tour.  It is very important to us that all choristers have had prior touring experience with SCC or have traveled abroad or away from home for an extended period of time.  You may complete your application any time by following  – South Africa Tour Application . Please contact Kris directly to schedule a interview at

REGISTRATION Standard Registration is now open from June 1st, 2017 through September 31st, 2017. If you are a current Intermezzo chorister who anticipates being promoted to Arioso by next year and you are interested in this information, please email our office at

TRAVEL DATES The Festival Tour travel dates are July 9th, 2018- July 20th, 2018– flying from Sea-Tac International Airport, and arriving in Johannesburg on July 10th, 2018.  We will be picked up at the airport by a modern air conditioned bus, which will be our main source of land transportation throughout our tour in South Africa.  We will stay in a Pretoria area hotel, visit a Game Park, including an overnight at a Safari Lodge, visit Soweto, attend a welcome dinner with a South African choir, stay overnight in Johannesburg area hotel, tour Johannesburg and visit an African Craft Market, share in a concert at Johannesburg Hall or church venue, fly to Cape Town and stay 4 nights in a hotel in Cape Town.  Some of the sightseeing activities will be to visit the rugged Cape Peninsula, visit Table Mountain, visit the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, and share a concert with South African Choirs at a Cape Town historic church.   We will return home by flying out of Cape Town.

CHAPERONES We look forward to this being a very rewarding musical experience for each chorister, chaperone and staff member who participates.  We are looking for great chaperones to enhance the experience for our choristers.  SCC’s mission statement says that SCC nurtures excellence in young musicians, and our chaperones are a key part in the nurturing process.  Please note that all chaperones must complete an application, have had experience chaperoning for SCC as well as cross-cultural experiences.  You will be scheduled for an interview, will be asked to complete a background check application, and will also be required to provide a fingerprint check through a local law enforcement facility.  Depending on the number of choristers participating in this tour, will determine the number of chaperones needed.  Chaperone decisions for each SCCtrip is based on parents or alumni that can work best as a team and fit the dynamics of the age and personalities of the choristers who are traveling.  Chaperones will be required to pay for the airfare portion of the trip. Please indicate your interest in traveling as a chaperone on your chorister’s application. We encourage all people considering applying for a chaperone position to also think about parallel travel.

PARALLEL TRAVEL FOR PARENTS We are offering the opportunity for parent travel.  You may indicate your interest in parallel travel on your chorister’s application.  Please be aware that as SCC staff, our first priority is to manage the tour for your chorister.   As a parallel traveler, please keep in mind that while it may be an enjoyable experience for parents (and family) to parallel our Chorus’ tour, it is very important to remember that chaperones have been placed in charge with your prior permission.  Please, keep in mind that nothing should be done by a visiting parent to diminish the chaperones’ primary job of caring for the health and safety of our choristers and their enjoyment of the tour experience.  The chorister’s focus must remain upon the group’s activities.  Parallel travelers will be provided with their own bus, their own travel guide and will be able to participate in all the scenic events as the choristers, as well as attend all performances.

FUNDRAISING Because we realize this is a large financial commitment, we would like to make a serious effort to do some effective fundraising.  All individual chorister fundraising is headed by an SCC parent.  The SCC office staff will support and assist with communication, and allocating of funds towards the tour.  We will be offering some fund raising events as well as our usual fall fundraisers that choristers may choose to participate in (See’s Candy and Holiday Wreath Sales).  If you have ideas or would like to help coordinate any of these fundraisers, please let the office know.   

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